Green Roof  Green Wall


In addition to the sevices listed below, Permascape Designs services can help contribute to projects trying to achieve LEED certification. Click here for a list of LEED credits that we help you obtain.

  • WE - Prerequisite-1: Water Use Reduction
  • WE - c.1.1-1.2: Water Efficient Landscaping
  • WE - c.2: Innovative Wastewater
  • SS - Prerequisite: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • SS - c.5.1: Development-Protect & Restore Habitat
  • SS - c.5.2: Development-Maximize Open Space
  • SS - c.6.1: Stormwater Design-Quantity Control
  • SS - c.6.2: Stormwater Design-Quality Control
  • SS - c.7.1: Heat Island-Non Roof
  • SS - c.7.2: Heat Island-Roof
  • SS - c.8: Light Pollution Reduction

Ecological Landscapes & Green Infrastructure

Design, Install & Maintenance for Residential, Commercial & Healthcare Facilities

  • Land Restoration & Site Assessment
  • Green Roofs & Greenwalls
  • Pervious paving & hardscapes
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse
  • Biophilic Design (Healing Spaces)
  • Interiorscapes

Interior Design, Consulting and Drafting Services
(Residential & Commercial)

Design, Install & Maintenance for Residential, Commercial & Healthcare Facilities

  • Green Kitchens, Eco-Friendly millwork
  • Green Walls (Herb Walls)
  • Construction Docs, Field Measures, Plan, Elevations, Isometric, Perspectives. Experience with ARB needs

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